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Corporate Mental Health Chaplaincy

Elevated Employee Mental Health Support

  • In your work space

Service Description

Corporate Chaplaincy offers employees a unique opportunity to engage in relaxed conversations within a safe, supportive, and confidential setting. Led by Australia's first full-time Buddhist chaplain, Daniel Troyak, these sessions provide one-on-one mental health support, group mindfulness meditation, and a compassionate listening presence to teams in a corporate environment. By fostering an all-inclusive and professional relationship with employees, Daniel's calm presence, practical support, and accessible mindfulness skills effectively reduce stress both at work and in personal life. Research in Australia has highlighted the impact of unresolved problems, anxiety, and stress on work performance. Prioritising employee wellbeing not only enhances productivity but also fosters a harmonious work environment while reducing expenses associated with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and sick leave. The role of the corporate Chaplain is to equip employees with effective tools to navigate their stressors and address challenges in their personal and professional lives. With flexible sessions available in your workplace, you can conveniently access the benefits of supportive corporate Chaplaincy. Contact Daniel for further information. Experience the positive outcomes of this program, including improved staff mental health, reduced sick leave, enhanced stress management skills, holistic employee wellbeing, increased job satisfaction, improved morale, decreased employee conflicts, and heightened engagement and productivity.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

For Mindfulness-based Therapy sessions & Exclusive Meditation Coaching: Please read and agree to the consent form prior to finalising booking. Cancellation Policy: Should you cancel less than 24hrs notice, full rate will apply. Late arrivals of 20 minutes after appointment will require rescheduling fee of $25. Rescheduled sessions will be available at earliest convenience. Should Daniel Troyak cancel his appointment with you, another appointment will be made as soon as possible or a full refund given.

Contact Details


Buddhist Counselling, Bellevue Road, Bellevue Hill NSW, Australia

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