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Daniel Troyak smiling with a first behind him

Get to Know Daniel

Discover the transformative power of mental, emotional and spiritual health with Daniel, a seasoned therapist and Australia’s first full-time accredited Buddhist Chaplain. With extensive experience in in-depth meditation programs across the globe, Daniel has developed a wealth of transformative techniques for emotional processing, healing, and growth.

As a professional Clinical Pastoral Education (pastoral counselling) graduate and Buddhist prison chaplain, Daniel has gained invaluable experience working with individuals from all walks of life. His exclusive counselling practice, which is a member of the Buddhist Council of NSW, offers a confidential space to incorporate traditional mindfulness meditation and contemplative skills as tools that can be used by anyone.

But Daniel’s passion for wellbeing extends far beyond his professional work. He volunteers as a mentor, NSW Disaster Recovery Chaplain, and community-based volunteer, supporting the youth, the vulnerable, and the elderly in Sydney, Australia. And with his love for nature, hiking the outdoors, and the environment, he is committed to improving mental health and wellbeing by making mindfulness-based therapy counselling available to all.


Join Daniel in discovering the transformative power of mindfulness and unlocking your potential for a happier and more fulfilling life.

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