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Noarlunga South Australia


My life was dramatically impacted due to COVID-19 and a career change. I was faced with job-related stress and anxiety disorders. Daniel’s support and encouragement I learnt techniques to manage and relieve my pain and suffering, and help lessen the negative thoughts that were arising in my mind. His practical suggestions were extremely helpful. Sessions with Daniel were always engaging and left me feeling very positive and confident. I couldn’t be more grateful.


I'm opening up so much to what I've learnt over the past year. Finally I feel the healing is coming from a place of calm positivity. I'm very grateful.
I've spent 40 years living through hell and now I can create heaven for the next 40 years. It doesn't matter what happens externally. Sometimes it will require total utter mental strength but now I know how to keep my inner experience a heavenly one.

Andrew S

What I’ve learnt is to look inwards without shame, fear or regret for the first time in my life. Now, I sit with my emotions instead of rejecting them. His mindfulness techniques, practical and emotional support has helped me stabilise my life.
I feel so much space and freedom. Thank you.

Steve A
New South Wales

Dan is a great therapist. He has a deep understanding of the mental condition and always made me feel heard and accepted.
Without doubt he has a passion for therapy and supported me in a way where I felt heard, accepted and supported. Sessions always left me feeling very positive and confident.
Due to my financial situation, Dan was flexible with the amount of therapy I could commit to. He always made it worthwhile and powerful. I would definitely recommend him to someone dealing with stress, sadness and unhappiness.

Deb A

I have been attending 1-to-1 Zoom therapy for a little over a year. At the time I started therapy, I was deeply unhappy in my life. I’m a single gay guy and at 55 I was feeling really socially isolated. 
I’ve been to therapists before but this was different. He was real, honest, forward in a kind and compassionate way. He really wanted me to find happiness and after using his supportive tools, that’s what happened. Dan is very engaging and it leaves me motivated to peel back a layer at a time.

Dave T

Talking through your problems helps! Not only does it help but it is vital to overcome situations and obstacles in one’s life. 
At first I was unsure about Zoom sessions but with the constant lockdowns it was the only way. I’m happy I did it!

For so many years I’ve not been heard and now it was my turn to speak. Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting me. What a journey life is.

See you next week.

Camilla Van S 

I’m 25 and trust doesn’t come easy for me. What stood out, what I realised and what I learnt was to trust myself. I’ve accepted who I am. Who I am is always changing. In the darkness I now know myself well enough to get out. Your therapy and support has really helped me.

Kevin Z
New South Wales

I have always felt safe and comfortable with Dan. He’s professional and incredibly kind.
After 8 months I’m ready to stop counselling and I also know I can go back if I feel I need to.
I’m feeling positive, independent, completely empowered, my self-esteem and confidence has improved so much. Even my relationships is better and I am so proud of my achievements.
Dan understood me even when I couldn’t articulate it well. He somehow knew where my head was in that moment. I’m feeling still, strong and free.


When I met Dan, I wasn’t sure if therapy could help me. The first few sessions were emotionally difficult for me. I think I spent most of the time fighting emotions back. But towards the end of each session I became relaxed, calmer, stronger and I felt what I needed to. I’ve been processing my emotions instead of blocking them and what I found was solutions to my problems.


Corporate Chaplaincy and mental health support was something new to our business. We’ve really benefited from having Dan regularly visits our workspace. 

His approach is calm, caring and beautifully authentic. Our staff have benefited from his unique mindfulness approach to work stress and personal problems. 

What we’ve seen is a dramatic difference in staff engagement and so much more synergy in our office. 

This level of mental health support is highly recommend for any corporate workspace. 

Our office has 25 employees. In view of staff discretion and privacy, our brand is kept private. 


I’m so grateful for the wisdom and knowledge Daniel shared with me in our sessions. Daniel has a generous, kind soul who is deeply passionate about helping others to be the best and truest version of themselves.
I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone searching for support. Since spending time with him, he’s taught me the skills to manage most of life’s stresses and find happiness in my life.
Thank you Dan.

Arron W

The Mudita Bushwalk was so incredible. I'm still smiling wider than wide. You gave me great messages that were carved into my soul. I feel renewed and feel I have found even more of my authenticity and purpose. Thank you!


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