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Consent Form

A consent form is a standard document issued prior to the commencement of any healthcare service.

A consent form describes the rights and responsibilities of clients, and includes topics such as confidentiality, our cancellation policy and other important matters.

Please read through the Consent Form below, and if you have any questions contact me on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Overview is an administration and scheduling service for therapists/chaplains and their clients.
When clients book an appointment with a therapist/chaplain the individual therapist/chaplain becomes responsible for the delivery of the therapy service.

While the management of take care to only list therapist/chaplains who meet certain educational and professional criteria (ie. Registered Psychologists with or accredited Counsellors/chaplains), the therapists who list their services on are not employees or representatives of, therefore the owners and managers of are not responsible or liable for any act, omission or doing of any therapists.

Daniel Troyak follows Health NSW code of ethics for health practitioners.


Apart from specific exceptions described below, you have the absolute right to confidentiality of your information. You are assured that all personal information gathered by BuddhistCounselling will remain confidential and secure.

However, it is important to know there are exceptions in which all psychologists and counsellors/therapists/chaplains are mandated (by law) to break confidentiality. This can occur when:

1. The information you have given to your psychologist or counsellor is subpoenaed (officially requested) by a court of law.

2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious risk of harm.

3. Your prior approval has been obtained to:

a) provide a written report to another professional or agency, eg. a GP or a lawyer; or

b) discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent or employer.


When you book an online counselling appointment, a confirmation email is sent to your registered email address with the subject line "Booking confirmed", together with the appointment details.
A reminder email is also sent 24 hours prior to your appointment with the subject line "Reminder", together with the appointment details.

Please ensure your email system is secure, as cannot be held responsible for others reading any part of your email, even the subject line.

Payment via PayPal

Payment for online therapy session via PayPal only. PayPal normally sends a confirmation of payment email to your registered PayPal email address.


Zoom is a secure (encrypted) video conferencing system, and is virtually impossible for anyone to intercept and decrypt the video transmission between two people.

Please see the Zoom security page for more information.

However, as with all forms of internet communication, if someone has access to your Zoom login details or has installed a virus on your computer, then it is possible your Zoom transmission can be compromised. is not responsible or liable for compromised Zoom communication between you and your therapist.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Should you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, the full rate is charged.
Late arrivals of 20 minutes after appointment will require rescheduling fee of $25.

Rescheduled sessions will be available at earliest convenience.

Should a therapist/chaplain be required to cancel your appointment, another appointment will be made available or a full refund given.


Limitations of the Service

While the therapists/chaplains are listed on are experts in providing supportive therapy, most are not trained in suicide prevention, so please do not use this service if you are feeling suicidal. Your GP, local hospital or Lifeline (13 11 14) can assist if you are feeling suicidal.

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