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We own every single thought and emotion, including the good and bad. Anxiety, stress, depression, fear, generosity, forgiveness and love, is all ours. We have the choice to grow the good stuff or the negative stuff. It’s up to us.

This should be a liberating thought. I own my emotions, my thinking and my mental wellbeing.

Anxiety arises when we believe we have no control over the things around us.

We believe that if we are in control of everything it will bring us freedom and happiness.

Fact 1: The outer world is never within my control to use as I please, but the choices I make is within my control. Choices influence outcome.

When anxiety arises, the root cause is; ‘I’m experiencing an uncomfortable feeling right now. I don’t like how I’m feeling and I can’t control that feeling. I’m panicking because I’m used to telling myself that I am always in control. This feeling has a hold of me and there’s no way out.’

Fact 2: YOU are in control of your mental state.

Thoughts are incredibly powerful and if they are left unchecked the felt-sense is uncomfortable, unwanted and overwhelming emotions.

To regain control of the mind is to bring it back to its natural state. This state is calm, clear and in-flow with reality.

Meditation helps us settle unwanted feelings by taking control of the mind.

The mind is what controls the body and emotions. If we don’t have control of the mind we cant control the rest.

We need to know ourselves. Reflection is an important tool to unpack and unravel the mind. We need to know our habits and our thinking patterns.

The Buddha said; “To reflect is to be conscious”.

Therefore, a conscious human being is one that reflects.

If you’re feeling emotionally uncomfortable, and that sinking feeling of anxiety begins to arise, remember the mind controls emotions and the body.

Bring yourself back to your natural state.

Step 1: Meditate. Focus on a single point of the body such as the breath. Breathing is the most natural thing we do. This centres the mind.

Step 2: Reflect. After centering the mind, pose some questions to reflect on.

• What was happening leading up to anxiety?

• What did it feel like?

• Where did the uncomfortable feeling begin in the body?

• How am I feeling now?

We need to be curious about the way we think, speak and act. Without judgment, question, be curious and begin know yourself. Unpacking in this was will lead to peace in the mind and improved wellbeing.

Fact 3: Life is impermanent. Nothing lasts, not our looks, not our bank balance and not even emotions. We must contemplate this.

Life is a series of personal choices. When we think about it, where has anything lasted? Where has anything truly remained the same?

This too shall pass, anxiety included.

Daniel Troyak is a Mindfulness-based Therapist.

With his support, unpack and unravel the contents of the mind.

Learn the tools for emotional healing so you can live a happy, calm and peaceful life.

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