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Rituals as Gateways: Nurturing Inner Growth and Awakening


Image of a droplet of water falling into a pool of water with ripples forming on top of the water skin.

In Buddhism, sacred rituals passed down from the Buddha and enlightened masters hold great significance. One such ritual is the receiving of blessed water, a practice that purifies our body, speech, and mind. Unlike seeking purification from external sources or divine beings, Buddhism emphasises the innate potential within each of us for transformation. This inner journey begins with cultivating the right motivation and setting clear intentions.

When we receive a water offering from a qualified teacher, we are not only receiving their blessings but also a reminder to recognise our own immense potential for ultimate freedom and happiness. This sacred act inspires us to diligently work towards attaining full enlightenment.

In Buddhism, purification is not about sacrificing anything. By following the guidance of a genuine teacher and combining our own motivation and effort, we can purify our body, speech, and mind, leading us to success on the spiritual path of Buddhism. Purification involves recognising the seed of Buddha-nature within ourselves and nurturing it to achieve ultimate freedom. It is neither difficult nor easy, but a natural and instinctual process that we are fully capable of accomplishing.

The intricate rituals of Tibetan Buddhism serve as transformative tools, allowing us to go beyond ordinary perceptions and glimpse the profound nature of reality. By immersing ourselves in these rituals with sincerity and devotion, we can awaken our innate wisdom and compassion, ultimately leading us towards the path of liberation.

The Buddha taught diverse approaches for cultivating ethics, meditation, and wisdom, encompassing a wide array of practices ranging from rituals to mindfulness, mind-training techniques, aspirations, and beyond.


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