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Today we talk about meditation with a capital M, as though it's a religion. It's not!

Meditation was invented over 3000 years ago by Indians and has been practiced ever since.

Although there are many types of meditation, none is more important than the meditation for stabilising the mind.

We have to learn about what happens to our mind before it gets to the emotional level. That's the skill we need to have. The only way to do this is to begin with a stable mind, that doesn't get out of control when emotions display themselves.

We have these incredible human brains, and although our thoughts and feelings can be very powerful, actually, the mind is more than all that.

There is flow of awareness; it’s like a light that allows whatever appears to the mind inside or out to be known.

What we call mind is not just about the brain and our thoughts; there’s no pill or injection that can create true lasting happiness.

We have to recognise our true nature and with the mind we can unlock true happiness.

Happiness is an internal affair.

By looking inward at the uncertainty and the challenges in our lives, we can make sense of what is going on. That is the job of a meditator.

Sometimes a byproduct of meditation is bliss or a wonderful feeling of sense pleasure. However, this is not the reason we meditate. Meditation is used as a means to know ourselves. To recognise the good, the bad and the ugly within.

There are many misconceptions about mindfulness. Actually, no one owns the words mindfulness or meditation so it has been marketed well, as another blast of hedonic pleasure. There's nothing wrong with pleasure, but in this context, meditation isn't about that.

We tend to think meditation is an alternative to a pill and the only time you need a pill is when things get quite bad.

Some people think meditation is to make thoughts go away. If you think that you’ll give it up right away.

If you’re happy then why meditate? Its only when things go wrong that we think to meditate.

We see it as an alternative to a pill – it's not like that.

The other misconception is that it's a relaxation technique. There are excellent techniques for relaxation, and yoga is one of them. But meditation is absolutely not a relaxation technique. It demands enormous rigour and skill to focus your mind, to step out of your head and unravel the contents.

Developing the skill and meditating every few minutes in the morning will help you get focused.

We often spend our lives mindlessly wandering around all day heavy in thought.

With meditation we tame our mind.

So, when we change the quality of our mind the world will changes with it.

Daniel Troyak is a Mindfulness-based Therapist.

With his support, unpack and unravel the contents of the mind.

Learn the tools for emotional processing and healing so you can live a happy, calm and peaceful life.

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