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The Liberating Path: A Comprehensive Journey through the Study of the Buddha's Teachings


Two Burmese monks sitting on the floor saying homage to a large statue of the Shakyaumi Buddha. The temple they are sitting in is made of clay bricks and the Buddha sit on a large stone shrine. On the shrine is many burning candles and burning incense.

The Buddha provided guidance on the study of the Dharma, emphasising that it goes beyond mere intellectualisation of the teachings. While it might seem straightforward to approach it intellectually, the essence of the Dharma extends to both practice and integration. Drawing a parallel, if we consider learning something like fitness, reading about it, understanding muscle anatomy and physiology, and then applying this knowledge in practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher leads to noticeable improvement. Similarly, the Dharma is not meant for mere intellectualisation and hypothesising; instead, it demands genuine study, testing, and verification to ensure its efficacy. The Buddha outlines a three-step approach for studying his teachings, emphasising a practical and experiential understanding rather than a purely theoretical one.

The timeless teachings hold profound wisdom and transformative power, offering a path to liberation from suffering. Benefiting from the Dharma involves a process of study, informed intuition, and dedicated cultivation, leading individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves and ultimately recognising truth.

Study: The Foundation of Understanding Before one can fully benefit from the Dharma, a comprehensive study is essential

The Buddha's guidance encourages a thoughtful and reasoned approach, emphasising the importance of research and evaluation. It is not merely about blind faith. The process of learning may seem basic, but it is crucial to recognise that knowing the Dharma is a lifelong journey. Reading and listening to the teachings in a manner that suits individual growth is paramount. This includes engaging in research, critically evaluating, and applying reasoning to comprehend the depth and strength of the Dharma. Only through such a thorough understanding can one be certain of its rationality and logic, paving the way for a deeper investigation.

Informed Intuition: The Power of Bodhicitta and Loving-kindness

As the study progresses, an informed intuition begins to take root. This is not a blind faith but a realisation based on personal experience and understanding. The incorporation of Dharma in daily life becomes a practice inspired by bodhicitta or Loving-kindness. This is the driving force behind the enthusiasm to explore and internalise the profound benefits of the Dharma.

Cultivation: Walking the Liberating Path

The transformative journey involves cultivating, nurturing, and deepening the Dharma through personal efforts. The newfound understanding is not a passive acceptance but an active engagement with the teachings. Walking the path of Dharma becomes a way of life, incorporating the principles learned into daily actions and decisions. Through this ongoing cultivation, individuals experience the tangible benefits of the Dharma firsthand. Faith in the teachings becomes unshakeable as the liberating potential of the Dharma becomes evident. The culmination of this process is the realisation that the Dharma provides a pathway to freedom from all forms of suffering.

The Dharma is not a distant philosophy but a practical and transformative guide for those seeking meaning and purpose in life. The journey involves a comprehensive study, informed intuition, and dedicated cultivation. By applying the teachings to everyday life with the driving force of bodhicitta and loving-kindness, individuals can unlock the profound benefits of the Dharma, ultimately leading to liberation from suffering.


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